Born in 1991. Graduated from Tama Art University Department of Information Design Department of Media Arts Course.
Acting as a video writer, freelance generalist.
Mainly produces images such as live-action images and 3D CG. In addition,
he will also produce interactive art and installation as an attempt to expand the media of the output of the video work.
I am exploring how digital and real space, how to connect themselves



  • 2017 European Media Art Festival : Music video category selection[Pa's Lam System]
  • 2016 WIRED CREATIVE HACK AWARD : Award for Excellence [Pa's Lam System]
  • 2016 Campus Genius Award : Silver Prize [quantum gastronomy]
  • 2016 LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2016 : Winning a prize [food circulation]
  • 2016 tokyo projection mapping award : Award for Excellence [dt]
  • 2016 KDCC 2016 : in a competition [quantum gastronomy]
  • 2014 Campus Genius Award : Silver Prize [universal gravitation]

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  • 2017 映像作家100人+100 Japanese Motion Graphic Creators

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